International Conference on Advances in Copmuting,Communication and Informatics(ICACCI'17)

25th – 26th Feb, 2017

Tracks ( Not Restricted )

· Machine learning

· Pattern Recognition

· Fuzzy logic

· Genetic algorithms

· Evolutionary algorithms

· Swarm intelligence

· Neural networks

· Bayesian methods

· Multi-agent systems

· Artificial Intelligence

· Image processing

· Distributed algorithms

· Computer networking

· Signal processing

· Natural language and speech processing

· Communication networks and systems

· Computational intelligence

· Optical communication

· Wireless communication

· Internet technologies

· Network security

· Network operations and management

· Communication strategies and development

· Informatics and IT

· Internet of things


UGC Merged Scheme Funded ICACCI'17

The International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Informatics (ICACCI'17)  will target the recent development and future trends in the field of Computer Engineering , Communication System and Information Technology field.The Objective of the conference is to provide opportunity to academicians, researchers, research scholars and industries to interact and exchange novel ideas in various engineering domains.It will also provide common platform to learn from each others' experience and Knowledge.The wide spectrum of conference will make dais available to researchers working in multi-disiplinary area to look for experts of various domains sharing similar interest to discuss their work and shape their future directions for smart and sustainable growth of our country.

                MAIN TRACKS
  • Computer Science & Engineering / IT
  • Electrical
  • Electronics / EC / ET / IC
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ISSN:  0025-0422

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