Dr.Hetal Roy

Department           Department of Zoology

Contact No           9924428489

Email Id               hetal.roy-zoo@msubaroda.ac.in

Faculty                Faculty of Science

Designation         Assistant Professor

Education Details

EducationUniversity NameStatePassing Year
PhDThe M.S.University of BarodaGujarat2-2013
M. Phil.Gujarat UniversityGujarat6-2006
Post GraduateGujarat UniversityGujarat4-2003
GraduateGujarat UniversityGujarat4-2001

Experience Detail

Employer NameDesignationNature of JobStart DateEnd DateCurrently Working
Registrar Teaching12-10-200611-10-2043

Research Details

TitleFunding AgencyProject NatureDurationStatusDate
Elucidate the role of folate in epigenetic regulation and prevention of neuroblastoma during early embryonic developmentGujarat State Biotechnology MissionMajor36Completed26-4-2022
How does folate supplementation during pregnancy protect against neuroblastoma? DST SERBMajor36Completed27-2-2019
Targeted inhibition of p38MAPK by SB202190 leads to differentiation and apoptosis in neuroblastoma cellGUJCOSTMinor24Completed27-6-2016
Modulation of ALK gene in neuroblastoma regressionResearch and consultancy Cell, The M.S.University of BarodaUniversity/College Sponsored24Completed9-11-2015
Dose dependent in vivo study of benzene as leukaemogen on ratUGCMinor24Completed10-2-2009

Details Of JRF/SRF  

Name of FellowTitleDurationTypeDate
Ms. Neeharika DanHow does folate supplementation during pregnancy protect against neuroblastoma? 16Others28-12-2020
Ms. Poonam BhagriyaAblation of signal transduction through insulin like growth factor receptor I attenuate neuroblastoma tumerogenesis36JRF1-2-2019
Ms. Helly ShahHow does folate supplementation during pregnancy protect against neuroblastoma?16Others1-12-2020
Ms. Shweta RajputHow does folate supplementation during pregnancy protect against neuroblastoma? 36JRF--

Ph.D. Guidance Detail

Student NameTopicstatus
Mr. Afridi ShaikhRole of folate as epigenetic regulator in neural crest cell programmingRegistered
Mr. Kaushal ChaudhariInvestigations on the potential role of Tripartite Motif 34 (TRIM34) expression in Lung Cancer TumorigenesisRegistered
Ms. Poonam BhagariyaAblation of signal transduction through insulin like growth factor I receptor (IGF-IR) attenuate neuroblastoma tumorigenesisRegistered

Books Published

Book TitlePublisher NameISBNPublished Year
Epideomiological Study on LeukaemiaLAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing978-613-9-95899-32019

Papers Presented

Paper TitlePaper ThemeOrganising BodyPlacePublished Year
Folate deprivation alters embryonal neural crest cell patterning Reproductive and child healthNIRRCH, MumbaiMumbai1-2023
Corelation study of folate as nutrition factor for regulation of ovarian functionReproductive and child healthNIRRCH, MumbaiMumbai1-2023
Folate deficiency induced inflammation impairs cognition and neurophysiology Indian Zebrafish Investigators meetingIISER and AGRI PuneIISER, Pune9-2022
Anticancer efficacy of Enicostemma littorale against Human Neuroblastoma Cells1stTCGA Conference and Workshop in IndiaIISERPune9-2019
Efficacy of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase inhibitor in neuroblastoma regressionNew horizons in cancer biologyGujarat Cancer Research InstituteAhmedabad3-2018
Acute Toxic Effect Of Abamectin on O. mossumbicusEnvironmental and Occupational Health NIOHAhmedabad6-2016
Apoptosis-inducing organotin (IV) complexes against Human Neuroblastoma and HepatomaSymposium on cell biologyNCCSPune5-2016
Benzene Induced Testicular Toxicity on Wistar Rat. Conference on Reproductive HealthNIOHAhmedabad2-2016
Subacute oral exposure to benzene evoke genotoxicity in Wistar rats.Recent advances in cancer research,Central University of GujaratGandhinagar2-2012

Published Articles/Papers in Journals/Edited Volumes

TitleJournal NameVolume No.Page No.ISSNPublished Year
A C19Ti Cage vehicle for the drug delivery of purinethol Anticancer: Computational assessmentsComputational and Theoretical Chemistry1214113760 2-2023
Aflatoxin B1 induced developmental neurotoxicity in RIR eggAdvances in Applied Science Research 23 270976 86104-2021
Non-covalent interactions governing the supramolecular assembly of copper(II) complexes with hydrazone-type ligand: Experimental and quantum chemical studyPolyhedron 1151420277 53873-2021
Crystal structure, spectroscopic, DFT calculations and antimicrobial study of the Cu (II) complex bearing second-generation quinolone ofloxacin and 2, 2’-bipyridineInorganica Chimica Acta.,   1202640020 16933-2021
Synthesis characterization and evaluation of novel ferrocenymethylamiane derivatives as cytotoxic agentsApplied Organometallic chemistry e6137 3-2021
Copper(II) mixed-ligand complexes with fluoroquinolones and an N-donor co-ligand: Structures and biological application. Polyhedron 1147530277 53873-2021
Impact of N-substi-tuents on crystal packing of N-alkyl-N′-tosylpipe-razines and develop-pment of new polym-orph of tosylbis (2-(tosyloxy) ethyl) amine: Synthe-sis, DF photophysical cytotoxic propertyJournal of Molecular Structure  1296350022 28603-2021
Evaluation of abamectin induced hepatotoxicity in O. mossambicus.Cogent Biology  1761277.2331 20253-2021
Supramolecular ass-emblies of new pseudohalide end-to-end bridged copper (II) complex and molecular structural variety of penta and hexa-coordinted metal(II) complexes with hydrazido-based ligandInorganica Chimica Acta.,  1193710020 16933-2021
Synthesis of Calix-Salen Silver Corates for Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial and Anticancer ActivitiesAcs omega 21346-213522470 1343 3-2021
Three new tetranuclear phenoxy-bridged metal(II) complexes: Synthesis, structural variation, cryomagnetic properties, DFT study and antiprolifirative propertiesPolyhedron 198-212ISSN: 0277-538711-2019
Assessment of reproductive toxicity in male rats following sub chronic exposure to benzene Current Topics in Toxicology 95-100ISSN: 0972-822811-2019
Calix-salen cavitand as colorimetric chemosensor for Cu2+ and anticancer activity of copper cavitate. ,Inorganic chemistry communications 16-19 ISSN: 1387-700310-2019
Pseudo-tetrahedral copper(II) complex derived from N'-[(2E,3Z)-4- hydroxy-4-phenylbut-3-en-2-ylidene]acetohydrazide: Synthesis, molecular structure, quantum chemical investigations, antioxidant and antiproliferative propertiesJournal of Molecular Structure 341-350ISSN: 0022-286010-2019
Biochemical and histological alteration in rat kidney exposed to Benzene leading to oxidative stressJournal of cell and tissue research165541 55450973 00287-2017
Phenolate Based Metallomacrocyclic Xanthate Complexes of CoII/ CuII and Their Exclusive Deployment in [2:2] Binuclear N, O-Schiff Base Macrocycle Formation and in vitro Anticancer StudiesDalton Transaction 1443 14541477 92262-2017
Diphenyltin (IV) dithiocarbamate macrocyclic scaffolds as potent apoptosis inducers for human cancer HEP 3B and IMR 32 cells: Synthesis, spectral characterization, DFT study and in vitro cytotoxicityApplied Organometallic Chemistry29746 7551099 07392-2017
Evaluation of ROS induced genetic aberration in benzene intoxicated rat bone marrowJournal of Cell and Tissue Research154957 49650973 00282-2017
4,4' Diaminodiphenyl ether derivatives: Synthesis, spectral, optical, thermal characterization and in-vitro cytotoxicity against Hep 3B and IMR 32 human cell lines. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry74552 5610223 52342-2017

Refresher/Orientantion Course

NameCourse TypeOrganising UniversityOrganising InstituteOrganising DepartmentCentreStart DateEnd Date
E content Development and online pedagogySTTP ( One Week)Sardar Patel UniversityAcademic Staff collegeUGC Human resource development CenterAnand 7-12-202013-12-2020
NURTURING INNOVATION AND STARTUP ECOSYSTEM (NISE)"RefresherGujarat Student Startup and Innovation Hub (i-Hub)Gujarat Student Startup and Innovation Hub (i-Hub)i-HubGujarat 8-9-202023-10-2020
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS- ASPECTS FOR BUSINESS START-UPSSTTP ( One Week)The M.S. University of BarodaOffice of Career Advancement for Students Office of Career Advancement for Students Office of Career Advancement for Students 10-6-201914-6-2019
Advances in genetics diagnosisSTTP ( One Week)Gujarat UniversitySchool of SciencesZoology DepartmentZoology Department 27-9-20163-10-2016
Refresher course in life sciencesRefresherS.P. University, AnandUGC academic staff collegeG.H Patel instituteG.H Patel Institute 20-1-20149-2-2014
Refresher course in ICT applicaionRefresherS.P. University, AnandUGC academic staff collegeUGC academic staff collegeUGC academic staff college 31-10-201120-11-2011
Methods in in vitro toxicologyRefresherBharthidasan University, TiruchirappalliMahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp CenterMahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp CenterMahatma Gandhi Doerenkamp Center 24-12-20102-1-2011
UGC Sponsored OP 83OrientationH.P University, ShimlaUGC academic staff collegeUGC academic staff collegeUGC academic staff college 24-5-200719-6-2007

Contribution in Conducting Professional/Academic Programmes

TitleProgrammeParticipated asDate
Women's Day celebration-webinarWebinarOrganizing Committee8-3-2021
National seminar on human healthSEMINARCo-Ordinator24-12-2019
Lecture series on Environmental ScienceLecture SeriesOrganizing Committee21-9-2019
Regional Science CongressConferenceCo-Ordinator15-10-2012

Participation in Committees of University

Committee NameLevelParticipated AsSubmission Date
Office of Alumni affairs and Donors RelationUniversityCoordinator25-3-2021
Anti raging FacultyMember7-2-2017
Gender SensitizationFacultyMember7-2-2017


Name of Awarding AgencyDetailsAddress of Awarding AgencyLevelDate
Gujarat UniversityV.C. Shah Goldmedal, standing first in master of Science (Zoology) examination 2003 University5-1-2004
Gujarat University University Gold medal, standing first in master of Science (Zoology) examination 2003 University5-1-2004
Tempus Public Foundation (TPF)Bilateral State Scholarship, University of Szeged,HungaryBilateral scholarship, 2019/2020 Contact person: Németh Kitti; kitti.nemeth@tpf.hu; +36 1 237 1300 (175) Date: 24 May 2019 Reference number: AK-00190-002/2019 International24-5-2019
Gujarat Science academyFirst Prize State17-3-2002

Teacher Talks

TitleParticipated asPlaceDate
Apoptotic efficacy of curcuminoid on neuroblastoma cells via COX-2 signaling pathwayInvited SpeakerICAR-DMAPR6-12-2018